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stars_5 Rogers Removals – Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 10489 reviews

About this site…

This site displays scanned images of feedback forms submitted by the customers of Rogers Removals. Every month another page is added showing the previous months results. You can read every review received (unless the client requests that we do not publish) no matter what the result or comment. We hope this gives you the opportunity to get a real feel for the company. The feedback is in the clients own writing and in most cases, it is signed.


Of Rogers Removals clients rate the service as “Excellent”

Not got time to read them all? Here’s the stats…

2010:   Excellent: 95.00%   Good: 4.60%   Satisfactory: 0.20%   Unsatisfactory: 0.20%

2011:   Excellent: 96.00%   Good: 3.30%   Satisfactory: 0.70%   Unsatisfactory: 0.00%

2012:   Excellent: 96.00%   Good: 3.85%   Satisfactory: 0.08%   Unsatisfactory: 0.08%

2013:   Excellent: 96.20%   Good: 3.60%   Satisfactory: 0.20%   Unsatisfactory: 0.00%

2014:   Excellent: 95.95%   Good: 3.83%   Satisfactory: 0.11%   Unsatisfactory: 0.11%

2015:   Excellent: 95.79%   Good: 3.86%   Satisfactory: 0.00%   Unsatisfactory: 0.35%

2016:   Excellent: 96.88%   Good: 2.78%   Satisfactory: 0.29%   Unsatisfactory: 0.06%

2017:   Excellent: 95.17%   Good: 4.83%   Satisfactory: 0.00%   Unsatisfactory: 0.00%

How do we calculate the star rating?

We calculate the total percentage of reviews since 1/1/10 which rate the service as “Excellent” and award the same percentage as an expression of 5 stars. Anything less than “Excellent” is given no value and so our rating system is fairly strict. For example, as of 1/11/12 this site had 3711 reviews which rated the service as “Excellent” out of a total of 3870 reviews. This gives a score of 96%, expressed in a 5 star rating system this equals 4.8 out of 5 stars.


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Tel: 020 8368 7779